Smart Modem Communication

Bausch Datacom has been producing communication products since 1987. It's technology is field proven and goes back to the core of data communication. Bausch specialises in integrating TCP/IP connectivity, applications and communication protocols in their modems and Remote Terminal Units allowing the upgrade of existing meter -and (industrial) PC parks.

Bausch Datacom is building nowadays a diversified portfolio of IEC 60870-5-104 slave RTU's and GPRS modems, EV charging infrastructure electronics and innovative midvoltage sensor technology for IEC-60870-5-104 MASTER systems and modem managing systems - Praxis MMS - using GSM and GPRS. Whether you want to monitor a smart EV charging infrastructure, monitor grid power quality parameters or transfer meter data, our aim is to offer smart communication products using the IEC 60870-5-104 SCADA protocol and management software.

Bausch Datacom aims for the next years at offering solutions for communication and monitoring of MV/LV substations in the electricity grids in Europe. Our aim is to offer cost-effective products to counter the budgetary issue of equipping a vast infrastructure of MV/LV substations with monitoring and communication devices. Equally Bausch Datacom invests it's engineering in electronics for charging poles for EV. (eNovates)
The portfolio for the next years to come will be existing of communication products (Modems and RTU's), monitoring modules (ARGUS), EV charging electronics, a DMS system communicating with the modules in the field and DSO or third party DMS systems. It is the task now to merge these products in one concept valuable for both DSO's and management services companies.


Reference Projects

  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) for the  electricity market
  • Remote monitoring & alarming of electricity substations
  • Control & communication of  ‘mode 3’ EV charging units
  • Remote monitoring of cathodic protection gas pipelines
  • Telemetry of ‘IBA’  waiste water purification systems
  • Logging & communication  of water level data 
  • Integration of PSTN socket modems for embedded use